Childrens Ministry

We are Joe & Gaylyn Maree, and after completing 3 years at Charis Bible College, Heidelberg, Western Cape,

children’s ministry was laid on our hearts  and Equipping Kids Ministry was birthed. Our focus is to evangelize

and disciple pre-schoolers to pre-teens. Children are the most unreached population group in the world and they

need to be reached as they are the next generation to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Our vision is to train up like

minded people to establish “Kids Ignite Clubs” which are evangelistic in nature and maybe the only church where children are exposed to the Gospel.

Here children will be discipled, using our 3 core values:

1 – Teaching children the Word of God, not just Bible stories.

2 – Equipping them for the believers work of the ministry which includes being filled with the Holy Spirit,

grounded in the Word of God, operate in the gifts of the Spirit, learning to hear God’s voice and be led

by His Spirit, heal the sick and walk in the Supernatural Power of God, and so become active members of the Body of Christ.

3 – Providing regular opportunities for them to encounter the Presence of God.

Children’s Church involves the following:

• Praise & Worship: A time to teach the children to engage with God.

• Word Whiz: Each lesson has a Bible scripture that the children memorize in a fun way to hide in their hearts and to use in their everyday lives.

• Main Lesson: In this part of the lesson, we dive into the Bible to see what God’s Word says about the topic that we are learning about that day.

• Life Application: Helps the children to apply what they have learnt in their everyday lives.

• Salvation time: Children are given an opportunity to receive Jesus as their Saviour.